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1. How Long Do Coin Batteries Last?

Button batteries usually last between 2 and 10 years, depending on how much you use them and the quality of the battery. The lifespan of different brands of Coin Battery batteries will also vary.
- CR927 button battery: 9.5 mm × 2.7 mm - CR1025 button battery: 10.0 mm × 2.5 mm - CR1216 button battery: 12.5 mm × 1.6 mm - CR1220 Coin Battery: 12.5 mm × 2.0 mm - CR1616 Coin Battery: 16.0 mm × 1.6 mm - CR2016 button cell battery: 20.0 mm × 1.6 mm - CR2025 button cell battery: 20.0 mm × 2.5 mm - CR2032 button cell battery: 20.0 mm × 3.2 mm
Customers can return or exchange their lithium Coin for any reason within 7 days of receipt. If there are any quality issues or damage, customers are entitled to a full refund or replacement within one year of purchase. In addition, a 24-hour refund service is available to ensure refunds are processed quickly.
You can return or exchange your button cell batteries for any reason within 7 days of receipt—no questions asked.
If you encounter any quality issues or if the product is damaged, we’ll be happy to offer you a full refund or an exchange.
Plus, we provide a 24-hour expedited refund service to quickly resolve any concerns you might have. We're here to ensure your satisfaction!
Our button cell batteries can be customized to perfectly fit your needs! Whether you're looking to adjust the capacity, size, shape, or any other specification, we’re here to help.
If you have specific requirements, please don't hesitate to reach out to our customer service team at sales@batteryint.com. We're excited to discuss your customization options and find the best solution for you!
Batteries are not prone to leakage when stored normally in a relatively sealed environment. Lithium Coin leakage is generally due to:
-Poor sealing ring material and poor flexibility, resulting in liquid leakage;
- Button battery positive electrode in the sealing time there is a gap, resulting in liquid leakage;
- Damage to the diaphragm paper of a button cell battery can cause a short circuit between the positive and negative electrodes. This results in gas expansion or liquid leakage.
To prevent button batteries from exploding, you should avoid putting several button cell batteries together. Also, avoid placing them with other metal objects that can cause short circuits. Overheating and gas generation from these conditions can cause the batteries to explode.
Poor coin battery quality can cause button batteries to become unstable and corrode over time. During prolonged storage and use, button batteries can react chemically with environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, and oxygen. This reaction causes corrosion and splitting.
In addition, over time, the electrochemical reactions within the battery can produce harmful substances. These substances further contribute to internal corrosion.