Best 21700 Batteries for Vaping in 2024

Best 21700 Batteries for Vaping in 2024


Vaping has become more popular today because it is convenient and generally has less health impact compared to traditional cigarettes. Vaping devices quickly heat the vape juice, which then rapidly produces vapor. This process requires batteries with sufficient power to heat the internal heating components. The 21700 lithium battery, with its higher capacity, is particularly well-suited for vaping.

In this article, we will introduce several outstanding 21700 batteries available on the market. You can choose the most suitable 21700 battery based on your specific needs. We hope this guide will help you in making the best decision.

What are 21700 Batteries?

The 21700 battery, named for its standard dimensions of 21 millimeters in diameter and 70 millimeters in length, is a lithium-ion battery favored in many high-power applications due to its superior performance and larger size. Compared to the traditional 18650 batteries, 21700 batteries significantly excel in capacity and endurance, typically offering higher current outputs and longer lifespans. This makes them particularly suitable for devices requiring long-duration, high-power output.

From a technical standpoint, the main advantages of 21700 batteries include higher energy density and a better cost-performance ratio. These batteries can deliver higher discharge rates without sacrificing battery life, a benefit derived from their larger size which allows for bigger electrodes, thus reducing internal resistance and enhancing thermal management capabilities.

Functionally, 21700 batteries are extensively used in scenarios requiring high energy output, such as power tools, electric vehicles, and vaping.

5 Best 21700 Batteries for Vaping

Litokala Lii-50E 21700 Battery - Best Overall

Capacity: 5000 mAh

Discharge Current: 50A

Safety Protection: Designed with safety protections including overcharge, over-discharge, and short-circuit.

The Litokala Lii-50E 21700 battery features a large capacity of 5000mAh, providing stable and sustained power output for electronic devices. Additionally, it has a maximum continuous discharge rate of 3C and a peak discharge rate of 5C, meaning it can safely deliver up to 15A of continuous discharge current and 25A of peak discharge current. Therefore, it is well-suited to meet the demands of various high-power devices, including vaping devices.

Besides its high performance, the battery also emphasizes durability and safety. It has a cycle life of over 1000 cycles and a discharge cut-off voltage of 2.50V per cell. The battery can be charged within a temperature range of 0 to 45°C and discharged from -20 to 60°C, making it suitable for various environmental conditions. It also features safety characteristics such as overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, and short-circuit protection.

Therefore, the LiitoKala Lii-50E 21700 is a battery with excellent overall performance, making it very suitable for vaping, electric bicycles, power tools, and other high-power applications.

Litokala Lii-50E 21700 Battery

Turmera 21700 Battery - Best High Capacity

Capacity: 5000 mAh

Current and Discharge Rate: 35A

Safety Protection Circuit: Features multiple safety protections, including overcharge, over-discharge, and short-circuit protection.

The Turmera 21700 battery offers a capacity of up to 5000mAh, significantly extending running time, and is particularly suitable for high energy-consuming devices such as vaping, electric bicycles, mobile devices, and other portable electronics.

Not only does the Turmera 21700 battery have a large capacity, but it also features excellent discharge performance of up to 35A of continuous discharge current, allowing it to perform well even under high-load conditions.

Safety is also a key characteristic of the Turmera 21700 battery; it is equipped with various protection mechanisms, including overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, and short-circuit protection. These are designed to ensure the battery's stability and safety under different use conditions.

Due to its excellent comprehensive performance, especially in high capacity, the Turmera 21700 battery is an ideal choice for various devices requiring sustained power support.

Turmera 21700 Battery

BESTON 77C-50 21700 Battery - Best Long-Term Use

Capacity: 5000 mAh

Discharge Current: 8A

Safety Protection Circuit: Include overcharge, over-discharge, and short-circuit protection.

The BESTON 77C-50 21700 battery has a high capacity of 5000mAh, providing long-lasting power support for various electronic devices, particularly suitable for high-energy-consuming devices like power tools and portable electronics.

Its maximum output current of 8A, although slightly limiting performance under high-load conditions, ensures powerful and stable power output during continuous use.

Additionally, its excellent charging efficiency and low self-discharge rate mean that the battery can maintain its charge for an extended period even when not in use.

In terms of protection circuits, it is also equipped with a multi-protection system, including overcharge, over-discharge, over-temperature, and short-circuit protection, effectively extending battery life and ensuring safety during use.

Therefore, BESTON 77C-50 21700 battery can provide prolonged energy output and reliable performance and becomes an ideal choice for users seeking a durable power solution.

BESTON 77C-50 21700 Battery

Two Budget 21700 Batteries Options

Here, BatteryInt also offers two high-performance and cost-effective options. They perform well in all aspects but do not come equipped with protection circuits. Therefore, it is advisable to use an additional protection measure during use and charging to prevent issues such as overcharging, over-discharging, or overheating.

Samsung 40T 21700 Battery

Capacity: 4000 mAh

Discharge Current: 35A

Safety Protection Circuit: No protection circuit inside.

The Samsung 40T 21700 battery is highly praised for its enduring power output and high performance. This battery offers a substantial capacity of 4000mAh and a continuous discharge capability of up to 35A, making it well-suited for high-power electronic devices that require significant energy consumption.

Furthermore, the Samsung 40T is designed to optimize energy density and discharge efficiency. Even without an internal protection circuit, it maintains performance and safety through its superior chemical stability and thermal management capabilities. Its structure improves the battery's durability and reliability under extreme working conditions.

In summary, the Samsung 40T 21700 battery works well in outstanding balance between superior performance and reliability. It makes an ideal choice for high-demand devices requiring substantial current support, such as electric vehicles and high-end vaping.

Samsung 40T 21700 Battery

Sony VTC6A 21700 Battery - Most Budget Option

Capacity: 4000mAh

Current and Discharge Rate: Nominal discharge current is 30A, with a maximum discharge current of 40A.

Safety Protection Circuit: Not including an internal protection circuit.

Therefore, the Sony VTC6A 21700 battery, with its superior performance, is particularly suited for users and applications that have high demands for battery performance. This battery provides a high capacity of 4000mAh, making it an ideal choice for electronic devices requiring extended power support.

The Sony VTC6A particularly focuses on performance under high loads. It is equipped with a nominal output current of 30A, and its maximum output current reaches 40A, ensuring stable output during continuous high-intensity usage under various working conditions.

Additionally, although the Sony VTC6A does not have an internal protection circuit, its chemical composition and structural design ensure its reliability and safety under various working conditions.

Thus, with its long-lasting energy output and high capacity, the Sony VTC6A 21700 battery excels in applications requiring sustained power, making it a superior and reliable choice among 21700 batteries.

Sony VTC6A 21700 Battery


Where to Buy the Best 21700 Batteries?

When choosing 21700 batteries, it is important to consider not just the price but also performance, safety, and brand among other factors. High capacity and extended endurance are the primary characteristics that vaping device users consider, while battery safety features cannot be overlooked. When purchasing batteries on sale from online stores, we recommend choosing those from brands that have undergone rigorous testing and certification.

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